Abstract submission

Abstract submission guidelines:

  • Submit your abstract via registration webpage until May 31, 2023. Later submissions will not be accepted. 
  • Read the guidelines below to ensure that you have not missed important information that may hinder your submission.
  • The abstract title is limited to 300 characters and the abstract text is limited to 3000 characters; the 3000 character limit includes spacing and punctuation.
  • A standard font (Times New Roman, 12pt) should be used when formatting the text.
  • A maximum of one table and one graph/image (in JPG, GIF or PNG with ideally 600 dpi) can be included. These will not count toward the word limit, nor will the information about authors, institutions and study groups.
  • Each participant is responsible for the scientific content and correct grammar. The abstracts will not be further checked by the organizers.