Red fescue (Festuca rubra L.)

Karyotype: 2n=6x=42; 2n=8x=56

Thomas HM, Humphreys MO. (1991). Progress and potential of interspecific hybrids of Lolium and Festuca. The Journal of Agricultural Science 117: 1-8. link

Genome size (1C, Mb): 6690 (6x), 8636 (8x)

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cpDNA sequencing: 133,804 bp (cv. Navigator II); 133,814 bp (cv. Shoreline); 133,841 bp (cv. Treazure II)

Qiu Y, Hirsch CD, Yang Y and Watkins E (2019). Towards improved molecular identification tools in fine Fescue (Festuca L., Poaceae) turfgrasses: Nuclear genome size, ploidy, and chloroplast genome sequencing. Frontiers in Genetics 10:1223. link