Scientific programme

Pre-conference lecture

Miroslav Trnka (CzechGlobe, Czech Republic): Future agroclimatic conditions and implications for European grasslands 

Opening lecture

Bohumír Cagaš (SPTJS, Czech Republic): Seed production of grasses and legumes in the Czech Republic and its impact on the agro and environmental sphere

Session 1: Genetic resources and natural diversity

Moderator: Gillian Young

Invited Speaker: Phillip Nichols (University of Western Australia): Use of genetic resources and natural diversity in forage breeding: a case study in annual legumes 

Session 2: Advanced phenotyping and genotyping technologies

Moderator: Mathieu Wident  

Invited Speaker: Bernadette Julier (INRAE, France): New phenotyping, genotyping and statistical tools for forage breeding

Session 3: Qualitative and quantitative traits

Moderator: Piet Arts

Invited Speaker: Charlie Brummer (UC Davis, USA): 30 years of alfalfa genetic markers

Invited Speaker: Chloe Manzanares (ETH Zurich, Switzerland): Exploiting new discoveries on self-incompatibility for forage grass breeding

Session 4: Biotic and abiotic stresses

Moderator: David Kopecký

Invited Speaker: Susanne Barth (TEAGASC, Ireland): TBA

Session 5: Youth session

Moderators: Joanna Majka and Agnieszka Konkolewska

Session 6: Festulolium Working Group workshop

Moderator: Marc Ghesquiere
Invited Speaker: Vladimír Černoch (DLF Seeds, Czech Republic): TBA