Biologia Plantarum - Festulolium Special Issue


Call for papers for this issue has beed announced!

Dear Colleagues, 

It will be already 100 years from the first reported artificial crossing of fescues and ryegrasses and development of the first artificial hybrid named later on as Festulolium. We strongly believe that such an anniversary deserves public relation to our outstanding model plant - Festulolium. Thus, we decided to compile a special issue of Biologia Plantarum entitled "Festulolium - from nature to modern breeding". We would like to attract your attention and ask you to contribute to this issue. It will cover reviews as well as original research papers on genetics, evolutionary biology, ecology, physiology, biotechnology and breeding value of Festulolium and species within Festuca-Lolium complex. For more info, see the webpage of Biologia Plantarum (link below).

We are looking forward to your contribution!

David Kopecký and Arkadiusz Kosmala (editors)

Biologia Plantarum is an international journal for experimental botany founded in 1959 by professor Bohumil Němec and covers all branches of experimental botany ranging from molecular biology and biotechnology to whole-plant and stand functioning.

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