Section Meeting in Freising, Germany


Dear colleagues,

It is really a great honor for us to invite you to the Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses Section meeting 2021.

The Headline is "Exploiting genetic diversity of forages to fulfill their economical and environmental roles".

As you definitely well experienced as we do, everything is still dominated by COVID 19 and therefore, the meeting is currently announced as an online meeting. However, our planning is being prepared to adapt changes. If the situation is foreseeable being good in September, we will try to offer presence module for the conference - to whatever possible extent in that time will allow the situation. I apologize for this unusual management, but our attempt is to protect your health and fulfill all the safety requirements of the local authorities on one site, but also maintain the chance of a presence meeting (maybe only to some extent) on the other one.

So we - "the organizing team EUCARPIA 2021" - hope that you will participate in the meeting in any form possible in September 2021 in Freising, Germany

Stephan Hartmann (chair of organizing committee)

See the webpages of the meeting here